April 3, 2015

Meeting Bella...

Yesterday was a big day for Tag.
Not only was it his Birthday, but we were able to introduce him to his Birthday surprise.
Bella actually did a lot of her own introductions. She kept going to the x-pen
where we had sequestered Tag to make sure he didn't get too rambunctious.
Bella even exhibited her titled hunting bloodlines when she spent more time
with this pheasant wing than with her littermates. She decided Tag should see it, too.
Psych! Just kiddin', Tag!
Handsome finally picked up his new pup and formally introduced Bella to Tag.
Both were very interested in each other.
  I think Tag is extremely happy with his Birthday surprise, too.
He can hardly wait for Bella to come home in two weeks.
Puppies! We can't wait for our family to have a puppy again.

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BumbleBeeLane said...

Sweet! I'm sure tag will love his new playmate.

Jacque. said...

Gotta love puppies! I would have a puppy all of the time were it possible.

Createology said...

It looks like Tag will be a perfect "big brother" to Bella. And...seeing Bella with that Pheasant Wing I don't think she will take a backseat to Tag! Let the FUN begin...
Puppy Joy and Love.


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