April 16, 2015

Two More Finished...

I'm quite chuffed today. Yesterday was quite productive. I completed two clutch wallets for clients who will receive them over the weekend.

The first one was commissioned by a mom for her adult daughter who works with thoroughbred race horses. I've named it "Run For The Roses".
Her mom asked that I also give a nod to daughter's love of dogs, so I lined the pockets behind the credit card slots and the interior of the zippered coin purse with dog paws. I hope she'll like my efforts.
Number 24 is "Sandy Beaches". My client has purchased this one for his wife who loves the Tommy Bahama look with a Jimmy Buffet vibe.
I had fun fussy cutting the fabrics for the interior. I used the mirror image of the one I put on the outside flap.
Then, I chose a colorful, vintage-looking parrot to greet her when she opens her wallet. 
You know how I've told you that you can see things in a photograph that you may have missed at the time it was taken. Dang! I see that I forgot the security flap from the zippered pocket to the divider (where the parrot is in this picture). sigh. 
Now to decide whether or not to go back and add them. It can be done, but to keep my parrot visible, I'll have to fussy cut the fabric for the flap to overlay the same image of the parrot on top of the original. (Scrolling back up to the "Roses". Yes I can add that one, too without too much trouble.) Hmmm. I'll revisit this later today.

Nothing like finding a mistake (or two) to keep a girl humble. So much for "chuffed"...
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Before I leave you today, I just want to wish our younger daughter-in-law, Jess, a very Happy Birthday. We were blessed the day our son brought you into our lives. May all those blessings return to you as you celebrate your special day today. We'll share cake next time we see you!

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Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

The lining is so clever nice surprise
Hope your week end is fun

Kris said...

Both of these wallets are sooo great!! Okay, what does "chuffed" mean? Is this like new blog language that I have missed out on because I have pretty much been AWOL for the last 15 months? :-)) I'm back!!


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