April 9, 2015

A Little Quilting Video Tutorial...

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/QELyDSBTN6o
I thought you might enjoy a little "quilt as you go" tutorial today. This one was produced by Gourmet Quilter.com. I know you'll smile as you listen to her accent...and learn a little something at the same time!

I got my chores accomplished and plan to spend most of today in the studio. I'll be back tomorrow with something "sewn" to share with you. 

Happy Friday!!

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Jacque. said...

She was fun to listen to! ~grin~ I will need to go to her link and catch her next video on how to join those blocks which are already quilted. Thanks!!

Createology said...

I have enjoyed this lady for some time. She amazes me when she is on their barge and she is sewing up on top while traversing along the river! Too creative!!!
Enjoy your day dear...


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