March 9, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Uh, Oh...

 Hi, Everybody!
Well, guess where I spent yesterday mornin'.
Yep. The vetn'ry's office. Mom took me to the Animal Medical Clinic
of Gulf Gate. That's where my doctor is, so that's where we go.

Here, I spent the last two weeks takin' care of Mom, and now she needs
to run to Sarasota to take care of me. It's just one reason why I love my Mom!
 I know she's comin'. I can hear her on the other side of the door.
 "Hey, Dr. Stephanie. Did you know what that tech did?"
"Let's just say I didn't appreciate bein' attacked from behind!"
"Have I told you how good you smell?" 
"I'm really glad to see you. Mom said you need to check out my tooth."
She was mighty thorough. After checkin' my mouth, she made her diagnosis...
I've got a cracked tooth. The big back one.
See that dark line that runs from my gums to the edge of my tooth?
That whole section of my tooth is loose and is sorta like a flap. It's gotta go.
The technical term is that I have a "slab fracture" in that molar. Dang!

Mom and Dr. Stephanie talked a long time and decided the best thing is to
just yank that thing out. No crown or falsie for me. I actually think it will 
make me look kinda tough. The teeth in front and behind it are ok. Only
that one is bad...and the only thing we can think is that I got a little too
aggressive with my formerly-huge, now-destroyed Nylabone. I don't chew
on anything else. I just love me those Nylabones. Dad says I'm cut off now.
I guess I can't really blame him. It's a good thing I've got insurance!
My appointment is scheduled for first thing next Monday mornin'. Great.
Just great. Guess I'll be a real charmer next Tuesday. I'll tell you all about
it when you come back to visit. I'm not promisin' to be too chatty, though.

We'll have to just wait and see how I'm feelin'. I guess I won't be chewin'
much between now and then, either. I'm gonna baby this tooth until Monday.
I'm just glad it doesn't show in my glamour shots. I'll still be a handsome boy!

Gotta run for now. 
I'll see you in seven. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

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Jacque. said...

Oh Tag...that is too bad about your tooth. You be a brave little guy, but do not will get lots of attention and pampering with this!

Createology said...

Tag you and Mr. C are twins on the tooth troubles. You are mighty brave to sit patiently and be so good. Prayers and Healing Hugs for your safe extraction on Monday. Glad to hear Mom is feeling better. Smooches and soft foods...

Patchworker said...

Oh Tag am so sorry to hear and see your tooth troubles but this tooth will be gone in a flash next week but I could never imagine you looking tough! It looks like there will be no more Nyalabones for you though! I know your Mum will give you all the tender loving care you will need and if you are lucky maybe a couple of kisses!!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Tag, you're so adorable...a missing tooth isn't going to change that at all, and I bet Mom has already contacted to tooth fairy about next Monday, so that's something to look forward to after you come home from the vet. I just hope your tooth doesn't hurt till then. (Donna, as always, thanks for all the giggles!) xoxo


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