March 30, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - A Video Message...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm not gonna to take up a lot of space here today.
I'm gonna let my little video speak for me!

I was hopin' that the video would show up like it does when I post to YouTube,
but I guess this one is different. You've gotta click on THIS LINK to play it.

This is the direct link:

Anyway, turn up your sound and check out my message. One more thing...
I told Mom that it doesn't sound like me and she said that was true. She said she
thinks that she and Dad should be the only ones who know my real voice, unless
you meet me in person...or I bark in a video. Somethin' about special privileges for
livin' in the same house with me. So, don't be disappointed if I sound a little "off".

I'll be back on Friday. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."


  1. Happy Birthday Tag. I hope your day is filled with fun and treats. I really enjoyed your video

  2. Happy Birthday Tag! I am so glad you gave the disclaimer about your voice. It sounds like you have been inhaling from the helium balloons. Save them for your party my little Corgi! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Have a great week leading up to your birthday, Tag! Love the video!! xo

  4. Oscar nomination for sure...Happy Birthday Tag.

  5. omg loved loved your video tag. happy birthday big guy and thanks for the laugh

  6. Tag, everybody at my work watched your video and they LOVED it!!(Mom said it was OK because really we are not really allowed to watch videos at work, but she makes an exception for corgis!) XXOO from Quinn


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