March 24, 2015

Childish Things...

One might think that, as I enter my sixth decade, I might be "too old" for some things. To this I say, "Horse pucky!" "Perhaps, but I don't think so."
Before Christmas, I found an adult coloring book that I thought would make a perfect gift for one of our artistic daughters-in-law.
You know how we were taught to choose gifts that we would like to receive ourselves? Well, I loved this so much, I actually got one for me!
I originally thought it would be perfect as a pattern book for embroideries.
But, as I continue to page through it, old ways kept nagging at me.

"You need to play with your colored pens!"
"You're never old unless you start to think you're old."
"Come on, Donna. Come and play with me."
It's important to listen to your little voices. Especially when it's that little voice you had when you were a playful child. I listened...and for a short while, I was lost in coloring. It was pure bliss...and I promised my childish self that I'll be doing exactly this again very soon.

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Jacque. said...

Good for you! Have fun coloring!

Mary said...

What a neat gift to yourself...enjoy!

laurajane said...

Donna I bought this very book for myself,(and a couple of others)I love colouring,it's so relaxing .I have prompted a few friends to start too.One of my girlfriends is in poor health ,she loves the books takes her out of herself.
We have a new weekly just come out in the UK it's called art therapy ,well dosnt that say it all.
Enjoy my friend.xx

carolg said...

So funny, I saw that pen set in the store on Saturday and wanted it for no other reason than All The Colors!

Quilting Tangent said...

Good for you, coloring is such fun!

Indigo Blue said...

oh, I like nothing more than a it of colouring in........relaxing too after a hard days work. Lets your brain unwind as well.

Leanne Evans said...

I love to color - so relaxing! Glad to have stumbled onto your blog; Corgi's needlework and now coloring? A great way to pass time this Sunday morning.


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