March 19, 2013

Goodness From The Farm...

Yesterday, Taggart told you about his farming operation.
Today, I'd like to tell you about our inspiration...West Coast Aqua Farms.

I've been calling it "hydroponic", however they call it "aquaponic" on their website. 
If you visit their site, you can see firsthand the distinction between the two processes.

 When they first started setting up their operation, they started on the other side of 
their front yard, but this is what that installation looked like...pipes with these white 
containers of graduated sizes on each one. There were pipes and pots as far as the eye 
could see - and fabric-covered structures at the back that house the lobster operation.
 Only a few short months later, this is what those pots look like.
Each pot, from top to bottom, is filled with lush green vegetables!
 The white pots in the photograph above will soon be filled with
another crop and be overflowing with green goodness just like these!
 When I went there last weekend, I purchased green leaf lettuce and four
beautiful, slightly spice peppers. They're naturally, hydroponically grown
with only the waste water from their lobster operation to feed their plants. The 
best part was that this whole, brimming bowl of deliciousness cost only $5.00!

I know that I have more than a few readers who live in the area, so if you are
in the market for beautiful, healthy and natural veggies at a reasonable price,
please visit our neighborhood to shop at West Coast Aqua Farms.

They're located on Malton Street, just off Tropicaire Boulevard in North Port.
They're only open on Saturdays, but when they're open, they have signs out
at all the intersections advertising their "Natural Produce For Sale".

You can also purchase lobsters from them when they're in stock. 
(They sell FAST!)
You can call ahead to 941.426.7921
Email: or 
visit them on the web at

In case you're wondering...I'm not being compensated for this post. I just
 believe in sharing good news and great products when I find them. (One of 
these days, I'll tell you about the our farm-fresh eggs, right up the road, too!)
I'll be back with more "crafty" things tomorrow!
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BumbleBeeLane said...

Always wonderful to get "real" tasty veggies.I know during the in months I always buy local and from the farm.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

Hi Donna,
I like educational posts, I would be wondering what all the pipes were about, to think the plants grew in so quickly is amazing, I will have to visit their website to see the process... The bowl of fresh veggies look very tasty! now I am off to your 4th blog birthday post ~

Createology said...

I have certainly heard of growing with water only but have never seen this type of farming set up. Amazing. This should keep rabbits and other ground critters from eating the produce. I would also think it would keep worms and such off too. Great price for such beautiful produce. Healthy eating...


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