March 12, 2013


I am never, ever bored. Let me just give you this week as an example...

Yesterday afternoon, I met with Marilyn, Pam C., Pam W., and Virginia
at Crazy Quilters to work on the new shop class schedule with them.
We're working on the schedule for April and May. I'm "otherwise engaged"
until our guild quilt is on its way to Susan's longarm, so I'm not adding
any more to my schedule until May, but May will indeed be a busy month!
 (The shop name above is a link to their website.)

I'll be teaching "Flutterby" by Whimsicals. It's a pieced quilt with applique'.
My students want to learn more about hand applique' resulting in a small
finished piece. This one measures 45" square, so I think it's a great "beginner"
size. I'll be teaching this class in two, one-day sessions in May at the shop.

I'm also going to teach a one-day handbag class in May, along with the current
"Over The River" quilt and paper piecing classes I already have in progress.
I'm definitely going to be a busy gal - doing what I love, for sure!

The rest of this week will be occupied with completing and shipping my "secret"
project; teaching a class on Thursday; uploading new Farmer's Wife blocks to 
my QAL site (more about that later); and working on "Over The River" 
handwork and blocks. I think that sounds like "plenty", don't you? Whew!

Note to self: Remember to set aside special time for Handsome,
and playtime with Taggart...and "rest time" for that order!

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laurajane said...

You go girl.A full rich life making your own fun.
Laura xx

Jillayne said...

"Note to self" alright! You are a very busy lady but it sounds like a very happy busy. This new pattern looks wonderful and I'm sure your class will be too...I am just brushing up on my applique technique and amazed at all the neat tips there are out there!

Createology said...

Never being bored shows that you are a very interesting and giving person. Teaching what you love to do is a bonus. Flutterby will be beautiful and a manageable size to work on in a class. A handbag class is very fun. I just need to get a coast to coast jet I am I need to win the Lottery without playing. Oh Yeah! Blissfully busy is a very good thing my dear...


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