March 26, 2013

On Being Organized...

 If I gave you a list of all the things I need to accomplish this week, you might
just gasp. I know I did! I keep a daily notebook with my tasks outlined page-
by-page, and when I accomplish items on my list, I check them off. It helps me
to see what I'm able to get done each day. My daily pages also have lists of calls
 I need to make, things I need to pop in the mail, incoming calls, appointments
and anything else I want to commit to long-term memory, like family stuff.

This week has a lot of entries, but I've also managed to tick a number off my lists
already! On Thursday, I'll be teaching Session Two of the "Over The River" class,
so I'm busy creating the block for that class and working on the embroidery, too.

First thing yesterday, we had a service tech appointment so that took up part of
my morning. Even so, I cut all the components for the "Block-in-Block"...uhhh...
block. (lol) I only need six to go into this quilt, so I was happy to have five of them 
finished mid-afternoon. They're lookin' good but, because the designer didn't
specify the finished size of the blocks, I needed to make at least one to know the size
 to create a paper piecing foundation for my students who'd rather use that method.

Mid-afternoon I began editing my recording of Handsome's North Port Concert 
Band concert last week. (It's due to the band members on Thursday night this week.) 
I managed to nearly get to "Intermission" before I needed to leave to meet the girls 
at Paneras for our weekly gathering. I was a little tired, but I went anyway.
Another item on the list is to do the stitching on the last applique' block for the
guild quilt. I took that with me to Paneras and stitched away while my friends
and I chatted and caught up on all the news since we last met together. It was nice
and I was really glad that I didn't decide to stay home. There were over a dozen
gals there, and my sweet friend, Margaret is heading back to Canada on Friday,
 so I got a chance to say "toodles" to her before she and her hubby pack to leave.

Today, I'll prepare my orders to ship, along with some Easter gifts to send North to
Mom Grace, my sister and our grandchildren. Next, I'll finish editing the recording   
for the Concert Band, and burn the DVDs. They'll be ready for delivery on Thursday.

I'll also make that last block and the paper foundation for my students this week.
Once that's finished, I'll do more embroidery on the panel and I'll be ready for class.
This is when FOCUS really comes in handy!

One more thing...
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Minimiss said...

Woah, I can't believe how much you have on your list and how much you achieve. You are Superwoman! You go girl but don't overdo it. Take some real time out for yourself.

Createology said...

Making lists never appealed to me...thinking I could be doing instead of writing it down. Now that I don't work at a desk all day I see the need for lists. You are extremely organized and get sew much done every day I believe your lists must help you keep it all in order. Love this quilt! Wonderful Wednesday Dear...

Raewyn said...

Gosh Donna you really have a lot on - and lots of different things too! Good luck with working through your list...maybe you can delegate some of the jobs to Tag?!


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