March 7, 2013

A Few Favorites...

 That's what I'm doing...
You know, like the duck who looks calm and restful floating on the pond.
If you look underwater, though, her little legs are paddling like crazy. 

I'm in the studio, hard at work on a commissioned project. I can't tell you
the details. It's not mine to share. Once the project is finished, you'll know
all about it, but I can't even show you a little peek and risk giving it away.
 So, while I'm sewing away, I'll just share a couple of images from my studio.
My favorite little, red notebook and Union Jack pencil are always close
at hand. I never know when an idea will strike that I need to write down!

You've met my little mouse before. He's "Downright Cheerful" from the amazing 
hands of Susan Pilotto at Mouse Droppings. The backdrop is the Moda™ 
fabric line I'll be using when I do the Love Letters quilt later this year. 

These are just some of the fabrics and little studio touches that 
bring me many happy hours when I'm busy creating. I hope you enjoy
them, too, as I get back to my project. I'm really having fun with this so
don't worry that I'm tolling away at some thankless job. Not the case at all.

Enjoy your Friday. The weekend is only hours away!

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Kris said...

Have fun working on your commissioned project and I love your fabrics for your Love Letters quilt!!

Anonymous said...

Donna, are you BOMing this with your quilting guild ladies or others?

Createology said...

Such a bright happy place to be "working" in...Blissfully stitching away. Friday Smiles and Weekend R & R...


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