September 3, 2013

Flo Continues To Teach...

 When I saw the girls at Coffee Club last Saturday, I was surprised to find
that each of us received a gift of one of Flo's unfinished works-in-progress.

Each kit was different, and we all got a kit using a technique that is new
to the receipient. Mine looks like paper pieced diamonds assembled in a star 
pattern. She always used to tell us that she liked to save her scraps.
 These stars are examples of all the fabrics she'd used in other projects. I've
 done English paper piecing before, so that's not the technique that's new to me.
 Flo loved hand sewing her quilts. That's right. This entire project so far, has 
been hand sewn by Flo and will be finished by me using the same techniques.

I've never hand sewn a quilt - or even a single block - before. Making 
consistent 1/4" seams with needle in hand will be my challenge. As I take
extra care to create each tiny stitch, I'll imagine Flo looking over my 
shoulder...and hope that I'm not disappointing her. She'll continue to teach 
me,  even as she is absent from our daily lives. I aim to make her proud.
I'm in no hurry. Doing this project right is definitely going to take me a while.

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Minimiss said...

What a lovely parting gift. Rather daunting from my point of view. Like you, I've never sewn a block by hand, let alone a whole quilt. I'm sure you'll do Flo proud.

Mandy said...

What a lovely way to remember your friend.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I know you are up for the challenge and that Flo would be very proud of you! Twyla

Createology said...

Carrying on the Flo projects and traditions is a wonderful tribute to your beloved friend and mentor. Every hand stitch you put into finishing this project will be filled with love and tender care. This is such a blessing...

nancy huggins said...

I have never sewn a quilt either (and doubt that I will now) but I had a piece my GM did as a child in about 1902 and I cut it up and made into a teddy bear and have him sitting where I can enjoy it and my memories of her. No one I know whould appreciate all that work and no one would want to pay what I would charge to hand quilt...Hers is lovely

Wendy said...

What an awesome way to honor your friends memory...good luck with you project and be sure and post updates about your progress.


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