September 4, 2013

Back Where She Belongs...

 When we prepared to return home from Wisconsin, we added about 
four hundred pounds to our load. It was only because of one single item.
 This item has been a focal piece in each of the homes that Handsome
and I have owned during our twenty nine years of marriage. It belonged
to my brother-in-law (Handsome's brother) before it belonged to us.
 It's our antique Persian rug from the 1920's. Our treasure is nearly one hundred 
years old! It's large, too, measuring 21 1/2 feet long, by 10 1/2 feet wide. 

When we originally moved to Florida, we brought it with us, but ended up moving
it back up north. Our son and his wife thought they might use it in a space they
were remodeling. Last fall, they told us they wouldn't be using it so we said we'd
bring it back to Florida with us when we traveled there this summer. It was ready
and waiting for us when we got to Wisconsin, and we loaded it into the back
of our truck before hooking the Flying Cloud up for our trip back home.
We hauled it back fifteen hundred miles and finally unloaded it yesterday.
First we cleared the living room and I vacuumed and scrubbed the tile.

Handsome and I then tackled the unloading of this hefty beauty. We were
a little apprehensive about the process, but we finessed it off the back of
our truck onto a sturdy trolley and wheeled it right into the living room.
The furniture was back in place by noon and we sat down to enjoy the view.

I was surprised by how happy I was to have it again.
Is it "Florida style"? Probably not.
Does that bother us? Definitely not.

Beautiful and useful, one of our family heirlooms...and part of our tradition.
Our beautiful, plush, magic carpet is back in our home where she belongs.
That's what matters to us.

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Minimiss said...

That is a beautiful heirloom Donna and Florida style or not, who cares?

Mandy said...

Your heirloom is absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful splash of colour to add to your comfortable livingroom.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

It's gorgeous, Donna! Your living room is so beautiful! Twyla

Anonymous said...

It is a classic, it will look beautiful because it is a heirloom.

Createology said...

And your beautiful treasured heirloom looks lovely and fits beautifully. Style is our own...not what we are told! This lovely Persian carpet is magic and brings life to your room. Blissful Dear...

Beedeebabee said...

What a gorgeous rug, Donna, and it looks PERFECT your beautiful living room! I love the pop of color it brings...and red is such a mood lifter! A treasure for sure! xo :)

Queenie Believe said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous family heirloom!! It looks fantastic in your livingroom! Now admit it your not just happy... you did a happy dance too ;o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I love it and I love all the light in your house. So cheerful.


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