December 1, 2013

My Gift For The Exchange...

 Tomorrow night is our guild Christmas party. I finished my gift for
our exchange on Saturday afternoon, and I snapped a few pictures
before I wrapped it up. I'm delighted with the way it turned out.

If you've visited for any time at all, you'll recognize my favorite home dec
 fabric on the outside. I used it when I created my sewing machine covers, my
studio wall organizer and a number of other totes and gifts. I embellished it
 with vintage crocheted lace and printed twill tape stating "stitched with love".
I chose the lavender floral fabric, then picked coordinating tan and soft 
gold fabrics. I added a zippered pocket, with another pocket behind it, wool 
tabs will hold needles and pins, and a divided pocket for stowing pens,
scissors, rotary cutters, or anything else one might choose to tuck into them.
 I'm going to gift it empty, but I wanted you to see how there are actually 
two compartments on the left side. The soft periwinkle bow is actually 
functional, too. It opens above the pocket compartment to secure a pair of 
scissors. Otherwise, it's perfectly content to be beautiful eye candy.
 I even added a gold-tone thimble charm to the zipper pull.

I'm going to be writing a pattern for this organizer. I've adapted
multiple patterns into this one, useful piece. I'll be adding it to my
Craftsy shop this week. I'll let you know when it's posted and available.

The organizer went together quickly, so if you need a last-minute gift,
you might consider making one - or three - of your own. They're a little
like potato chips. No one can have just one. I know I'll be making more.

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Danice said...

Beautiful! I love your gift for the exchange. The recipient will surely be happy. The fabrics you chose are very pretty :)

Jacque. said...

oh, Donna...that is beautiful! And, I get the 'can't make just one' thing...making napkins like mad over here. ~grin~ Lucky recipient, for sure!

Createology said...

Lovely and very thoughtful gift for your quilt guild gift exchange. A pattern? Now you have my ears fully engaged. Cyber Monday Sewing...

Faye said...

That is just beautiful Donna~ have a lot of fun at your gathering!!!


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