December 23, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Christmas Eve...

 Hi, Everybody!
Guess what day it is!!! No, not Humpday.
It's Christmas Eve!!!
Santa comes to all good boys and girls and dogs tonight.
 What do you think? I was mostly good this year, right?
(OK. We won't count last week when I was a jerk at Miss Pat's house.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you get all
the things you asked for this year. We're grateful to be your friends.
Merry Christmas 
God Bless Everybody!


  1. And a very Merry Christmas to all of you!! And I hope that 2014 is our best year yet!! :-))

  2. Merry Christmas to you Tag and your a family. I do so enjoy your Tuesday visits and look forward to them.

  3. Tag, your dad may be in danger of losing his 'handsome' tag (oh no! pun almost not intended). That's one spiffy Christmas bowtie. A very Merry Christmas to your family from ours,
    Dolly and Maui

  4. Merry Christmas, Tag! You were a very good boy this year! I don't believe for a moment you acted like a jerk. Best of Christmas wishes to your mom and dad, too! Love, Twyla

  5. Hi Donna, Just a quick visit to wish You, Hubby & Tag a Merry & Blessed Christmas....

  6. Happy Christmas, Tag! Please pass along love and Christmas cheer to your mom and dad for me, ok?

  7. Dearest Tag,
    You look sooooo dapper in your spiffy, festive, red bow tie! (or would that be a bow-wow tie) Bravo!
    Wishing you and your parents the happiest and merriest of Christmas.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Oh my goodness Tag, You are such a handsome man you make my little heart go pitter patter. When I saw your picture sitting here on Mommy's lap I almost drooled. I caught myself in time because that wouldn't be very lady-like. Tag If you hadn't already captured my little heart you surely would have today! Mommy says to wish you and your mom and dad the very happiest of Christmases.


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