December 13, 2013

Just A Little Finish Work To Go...

 The five Classmate™ organizers I wanted to make as gifts this year are
 finished, with the exception of the final hand sewing for the binding on three.

They turned out better than I'd hoped, and I know they'll be
appreciated when I finally give them to each special person on my list.
 The fabrics and trims were chosen specifically with each friend in
mind. I'll finish these before Christmas, even though they won't be
gifted until after the holidays. I can sew the binding at my leisure
after all the other gifts I'm working on are shipped to new homes.

They say that you should give gifts you'd love to receive yourself.
Well, I can tell you that these really fit into that criteria. I love 'em all!
 I know I'll be making more!

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Buttons said...

Awesome...yes, I think the same thing when I am "picking and packing" gifts for near and afar. :)

Jacque. said...

Donna, I went back and looked at photos of the other organizers you made...these are really fab! Do you sell a pattern for them? Great work and colors/fabrics!

Jacque. said...

oops...I see I didn't go back far enough...I see now that the Classmate is an Atkinson design. I'll go look for it there.

Createology said...

Ohh...I wish these weren't just sneak peeks. I have my pattern now but no time to sew yet. Lovely Dear...


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