December 11, 2013

Next Up - Grammie's Jammies...

 Fabrics have been selected, and I'm ready to start this year's jammies.
 I'll be making baseball-themed jammies for our "sporto" Grandson.
 Granddaughter #1will receive jammies created using a soft, pink 
rose fabric. She's so girly and I'm confident these will suit her fine.
 This is the main fabric selected for Granddaughter #2 this year.
Both of our girls are outdoor souls, even though they're both very
feminine. I thought I'd choose something fun for our younger
granddaughter. There's plenty of time for her to grow up, right?

Once their sets are assembled, I'll give you a better view.
This is a project I so look forward to each year. I hope they do, too.

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Jacque. said...

Great tradition, making the jammies! Cute fabric, too!

Andi's English Attic said...

I think picking out fabric is the most fun part of a project. These look lovely. xx

Createology said...

What a fun and wonderful tradition for Grandma to make and give jammies to each grandchild. Fabulous Fabrics Dear...

DeeDee said...

I love seeing the fabrics for Grammie Jammies every year.. :D

its almost a tradition for me now.. lol..

Have a very Merry Christmas Donna and Tag and Hubby


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