December 3, 2013

A New Addition...

Looks are deceiving. My bracelet isn't tarnished. Bad light, I guess. grrrr
 When I was sixteen, I was given a sterling silver bracelet and my first
charm...a "Sweet Sixteen" enameled memory of a landmark birthday.

Over the years, I have added to it. I purchased charms to commemorate
special trips (ie., Montana, Grand Cayman, Washington, DC), life interests
and activities (like sewing, bowling, scuba diving, motorcycles), and life 
events (like graduation, my twenty-first birthday, our wedding) and so
much more. This bracelet is a silver scrapbook of my charming life.

I was recently showing my bracelet to Handsome and we smiled at the
charms that represented our shared memories. Or, "Why is there a cat?"
(I grew up with Siamese cats in our home.) I showed him my little
Labrador retriever charm, and that's when I realized that I was missing
a very important one. Tag stood at my feet as I told Handsome
that I had yet to add a Corgi to my collection. He said, "Well, don't
be going online and buying one for yourself now!" I didn't either.
 When I opened my gift from my dear husband yesterday, I found a
sparkling, bob-tailed Pemmie charm. I was so tickled! I ran and
grabbed my bracelet and we immediately attached it to my bracelet.
(Smooches followed, but we won't go into that here!)

Last night was our guild Christmas party, so I actually had dinner
with my quilting pals. I got all dressed up and Handsome helped me
with my bracelet. Tonight, when we go out together with friends 
(part of my "extended" Birthday scheme!), I'll wear it again. 

It's not so much "wearing my heart on my sleeve", but it is like
wearing my life on my wrist. You may not think so, but there's
still room to add a few more charms. There are many milestones
left for me to accomplish, and it's nice to know that I'll be able to
add them to my jingling, shimmering tribute to the days of my life.

Did you have a charm bracelet when you were a kid? Do you still
have it and do you add to it? I love to hear all about it from you!
 Thanks to everyone who left a Birthday message for me. I'll be
replying to all of you, I promise. I just want to take the time to
let you know how much I appreciated each and every note.

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Mandy said...

What a wonderful birthday gift and such a delightful addition to your bracelet. No, I don't own a charm bracelet. However, it does sound a wonderful conversation piece. There are lots of memories recorded on your bracelet and how lovely to finally have a corgi charm there too. A belated "Happy Birthday" from me to you.

Andi's English Attic said...

I was given a silver charm bracelet for my 18th which unfortunately was stolen in a burglary years back. I have a replacement and the replacement charms are more personal. Yours looks gorgeous. I bet children love looking at it, and what tales you can tell them for each charm. xx

Jacque. said...

Fabulous bracelet, Donna! I had a charm bracelet and misplaced it sometime in my younger years. I did get a different one about 10-15 years ago, but since I worked in the veterinary field, I did not wear it much. I should get it out and start adding to's pretty bare-looking. Love the addition of Tag. Happy you had a great birthday.

Gloria M said...

Donna I love your bracelet, especially the Corgi charm since he "Hosted such a special birthday party for you". I hope you have a wonderful extended birthday... Gloria

Shirley said...

Good Morning Donna, Yes I do have a charm bracelet, but haven't added to it for a long time. I worked where you couldn't wear that kind of jewelry. My latest treasure is a necklace that has a small ring in it for our 50th anniversary and all the birthstones of our family. We have several with the birthdays in the same month so they all fit. You are having a wonderful week and I like your latest charm. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend.

Lesley UK said...

Handsome must be a wonderful husband. He knew exactly what would please you. In about 1950my cousin Valerie and I were bridesmaids at our much olde cousin's wedding (Val and I were 4 and 6)The bride was a Tiller Girl and was marrying a very rich man.His gift to us were silver charm bracelets, with cold painted charms. One of these was Charlie Chaplin, complete with walking stick. Problem is, our dresses were 2 layers of net over a silk underdress, and guess what? Charlie's cane was constantly catching in the net, and our lovely dresses ended up in tatters wherever the bracelet touched it. We shed a lot of tears afterwards. I've never had a charm bracelet since then. lol. Hope you have better luck with yours. luv to Tag Blessings

Createology said...

Fabulous memory bracelet of charms. I do have a charm bracelet from high school yet I have not kept up with additions through the years. Handsome did excellent with the silver Corgi charm! Happy Continued Birthday Dear...

Jillayne said...

Love how you put that Donna - "wearing my life on my wrist"... a life full of cherished memories and a bracelet to match.
I had three, none of which I have now. Two were souvenir-type, one from Alaska and one from Hawaii, both gifts from my Dad, each having little painted charms attached - lost somewhere along the way. The third was a silver one from my parents, brought back from a trip to Mexico. It was stolen several years ago in a B & E - I have one charm that had come off that I hadn't taken the time to reattach - thankfully!

Karen said...

Please say good job to hubby for gifting you the new charm.

I too received a charm bracelet. Each place we traveled I found a charm. As an adult I have added to the bracelet. I do enjoy revisiting each charm.


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