December 18, 2013

Nearly Time To Rest...

  Two sets of Grammie's Jammies are finished, with only one set to finish.
I'm only going to share sneaks and peeks so I don't give away everything.
Little snippets of tops and bottoms, glistenings and gleanings of surprises to
come. Gifts for good little girls will be winging their way northward today.
Packages wrapped with love and hugs tucked inside, arriving in time for
another Christmas Eve. As I fold and roll, I imagine smiles brightening the
faces that make our hearts sing...the faces that hold our family's future.
 The last set of jammies are nearly finished, and they'll ship today or tomorrow.
A surgery has put me a little behind schedule, but I won't miss my Christmas
deadlines. I'll just have to pace myself a little better. I'll rest when my work is done.

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures...and all those gifts will be on their way.
Now, where are those elves again?

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Createology said...

Donna Dear what happened? Tag said you weren't feeling well but I had no idea it was surgery related. Healing Energy Hugs My Friend.
Fun jammies for the littles.

Minimiss said...

Your Grammies Jammies will be much loved. Take care my friend.

Jacque. said...

Gotta love gifts for the grands! Hope you continue to be well.

linda said...

Healing prayers for you! Your Grammies Jammies are treasures, very nice. And you can picture the grands snuggled inside with hugs from you.

Sewing In CT said...

Best wishes for speedy recovery!
Thank you for the birthday wishes!


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