December 29, 2013


 I made headway on my needlework last weekend, but I was so easily
distracted. I preferred to harass the Corgi, cheer on a Packers win
 and spend time with Handsome instead. Really. Can you blame me?
Instead of stitching "Make Merry", I was actually merry-making. 
(You can see, I did make some progress from my last update, though.)

It's a new week, though. I want to finish this piece because it's time
to start the "Wooly Critters" BOM for January. I don't want to start
the new year "behind", after all! I will finish this needlework today.
I'll show it to you tomorrow. I will. Promise. Cross my heart.

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Jacque. said...

I have no doubt that you will finish this. For sure, no one wants to start out behind! ~grin~

Sherry said...

It is so important to take time to Make Merry. Have fun finishing your stitching.


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