March 19, 2020

You Don't Have To Run To The Store...

Brynwood Needleworks Farmhouse Bread
All of you know by now that I've taken classes at our local technical college to learn how to make a wide variety of breads. My recipes and techniques range from artisan loaves to sweet dough recipes that can take anywhere from three - 24 hours to make. My larder is always full of the supplies I need to make whatever we need, but not everyone has the time nor the inclination to spend hours from mixing to proofing to baking. 
Now that we're being asked to stay in our homes and away from non-family members, I know some of you are concerned about providing for yourself and your loved ones. What if the stores run out of bread, too?
For that reason, I'm sharing two recipes I came across yesterday, to give all of you hope that you can actually make delicious bread for your family in the event the shelves are empty at your local (or not so local) store. These are simple and require only a few ingredients.

White Soda Bread - image property of A Fanciful Twist Blog

The first recipe is from Vanessa Valencia of "A Fanciful Twist" blog. It's called Easy White Soda Bread. Not only are you given a recipe, but Vanessa also offers tips and substitutes for you, including non-dairy alternatives. You can find her recipe HERE.

Navajo Flat Bread - image property of Nauvoo Mercantile

If you're a fan of Na'an/Navajo Flatbread/Tortillas, you'll love this recipe, too. Thanks to Dena Kennedy or Nauvoo Mercantile, you can serve bread to your family in less than two hours. Click HERE for the link to her post.

I'm going to try both of them this weekend. If you give 'em a go, please let me - and the original contributors know what you think! I'm glad that Handsome and I are relatively self-sufficient. In fact, this summer, my plan is to plant our own 2020 version of a Victory Garden! If only I knew how to grow toilet paper! lol
PS. I'm going to include the link to this post on my "Recipes" page in my menu bar (up top), so you'll know where to find it again later.


  1. Thank you for the links Donna.Ive not made bread in a long while,
    now is the time to start again I think.Stay well xx😘

  2. Thank you for the recipes.
    There has been no bread for awhile at the store here.
    I guess you have to hit the right time to find any.

  3. Thank you so much! Unfortunately flour is just as scarce as toilet paper and bread here in GA! Hopefully the supply chain will equalize soon. Take care of everyone there!

  4. Thank you Donna - these are going on the list to try. Couldn't get yeast at the store this morning but was able to get a bag of flour so will brush off the bread-making skills and and try this. Stay safe and well!


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