May 23, 2014

Posh Pocket Class And Visitors...

Apologies for a blurry photo. Laughing + iPhone = fuzzy pic.
 Two happy students created their own Posh Pockets (formerly
"Fancy Vinyl Pockets" tutorial) in the class I taught at Crazy Quilters 
yesterday. We had a fun time and shared a lot of laughs along the way. 
They left with completed vinyl pockets and instructions to make more.
 I made one along with them and this is what I turned out.
Of course, it's a silly, corgi theme, using printed twill tape, an
 image I printed out on fabric, fancy yarn and metallic thread.
 This is the back of mine. The little blocks were done by a guild
 member and included with a fabric offering on our "giveaway"
table at the last meeting. I liked the gold floral design, and smiled
 when I saw the two small blocks tucked between the fabric folds.
This was the perfect opportunity to use them.
I did change the name of this pocket for my class, so I went back to
 this post and adopted it as the new name for the project. It appears in 
my "BW Free Patterns/Tutorials" link in my menu bar.  Once you get the 
hang of working with vinyl, you'll want to make a whole lot more.
 A nice ending to our evening was a visit from Domino's owner.
He dropped off eight bottles of a lovely moscato wine to thank 
me for keeping Domino safe when he ran away from home.
I told him I was surprised that he remembered where we lived,
but he said he wrote the house number down as soon as he went
back inside after I returned his dog to him...and he'd kept my
voice mail so he knew how to call ahead to ask to come over.
Handsome and I got to meet his two daughters and girlfriend.
Such lovely people. Thanks for the wine, Andre! We'll say a toast
 to you and Domino when we put up our feet over the weekend.

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Createology said...

Laughter, sewing with friends and completed Posh Pockets would make for a wonderful day. How very sweet of Domino's Dad to thank you with wine. Nice to meet your neighbors too. May you have a glorious weekend and enjoy your wine sipping. Blessings to our troops...

Jennifer M. said...

Looks like you all had a great time at the class. I wish you were closer so I could take your embroidery class.

That was a very nice ThankYou present from Domino's family. Enjoy!


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