May 2, 2014

Beds For Baby Birds...

I came across this on Facebook today and thought it was something I'd
like to do. I'm basically a Nature Girl and have a soft spot for strays and
orphans. I love making baby hats, and these are the same thing - upside-down!

This drive is hosted by WildCare, located in San Francisco, CA. Here is a
link to their homepage. They offer a link to patterns (here), as well as a link to 
the forms that have to be filled out to contribute nests (or cash) to their rescue.
WildCare image
 In addition to contributing to WildCare, I'm also looking into local rescues
to see if they would be interested in receiving knitted and crocheted nests, too.

Next Tuesday, I'll be asking the Paneras girls if they would like to make nests for
local orphaned baby birds. I haven't knitted anything seriously since I learned
 that I have arthritis in my thumbs, however, I'm willing to endure to do this.
WildCare image
I can just imagine the little dears tucked into warm beds as they are fed and
rehabbed until they can be returned as healthy birds back into the wild. The
instructions provide different sized nests, but all need to be made from 
cotton, acrylic or washable wool so they can be cleaned as needed. 
If you'd like to contribute a nest (or two or three), please let me know via a
comment on this post. I'm going to prepare a few "birdy" mug mats and will
host a drawing between the participants. If you have a blog, please share your link
and I will open a new participants page so that my readers can also visit your blogs.
They need 1200 nests this year. I'm hoping that we might be able to donate 50
toward their goal. Deadline to sign up will be May 10, 2014, with the deadline
for me to receive the nests as May 30th. I'd like to ship all the completed nests on
 June 1st. I hope you'll consider participating to help WildCare meet their goal.
This is the first Saturday there won't be a Coffee Club. 
I'm going to put on my old clothes and finish my redecorating project today.
I want to make sure that this Sunday really is a day of rest!
I hope all of you have something fun planned this weekend, too.
I'll be back on Monday with lots of pictures!

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Buttons said...

Donna, Thank you so much for jumping in and organizing a collection. I checked out the directions and I'd be happy to make a few. I better get going... I always have too many projects in the works! (And few finished) but this is a great cause. :)

Createology said...

Donna you know I would do this if I could. I even read the knitting directions. Makes me sad to think of little orphaned birdies who need a nest. Thankfully you will help them and maybe lots more knitting folks. Knitted Nests Bliss...

Buttons said...

2 done and onto a third! This is so much fun. :)


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