May 11, 2014

Summer Breeze...

You know I adore the star jasmine bushes thriving in our back courtyard.

Yesterday, Handsome and I went in search of the perfect green touches
to place in the beautiful blue planter near our front entryway. What
we found was a gorgeous variety of jasmine called "Confederate". 
It was love at first sight.
The vines are loaded with white, fragrant blossoms which
will provide a sweet welcome for our friends and family.
 Every time I open the door, the smell of these white blooms
beckons me outdoors. It reminds me of "great days of summer,
the jasmine's in bloom..." from Seals & Crofts "Summer Breeze". 

It's going to be fun watching this little vine take off and fill
our entry corner. I bet the bees are going to love this spot, too!

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Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Donna,
Me too! I love star jasmine the smell is divine. I think you are right the bees are going to love buzzing around the vine.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

carolg said...

Gorgeous! We are finally having some nice weather here in MA. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and Tag treated you well!

Createology said...

Your new Jasmine in that gorgeous blue planter is glorious. Summer Breeze is now playing for me and I love it. Thank you for such a refreshing way to begin my day...

Indigo Blue said...

Oh, oh, I have that plant. It was given to me for my birthday at Christmas and I thought I had killed it when it all went brown and flakey. I now have stems and a few leaves which are about 6 inches high. I risked pruning it.
Any tips for keeping this plant growing as I have never had one before and my friend cones round quite often and I would really like it to be doing well. At the moment it is in the kitchen due to the UK weather.
Oh I have rambled, sorry.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I need to get some of that. There are a bunch of people here who have that jasmine. It is divine! :)


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