May 19, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Ooooohhhhh, Oh, Domino!...

Hi, Everybody!
I've heard a lot of talk about "selfies", so I borrowed Mom's iPhone
 last night to take one of myself. I posted it on her FaceBark page,
but I thought it would be fun to post for you today, too! It's kinda
  hard to take my own picture with these short legs, though.
You can't really see my smile, you know?
I had a little excitement a week ago, but I was so sidetracked about
Francisco that I had to save introducing a new friend to you 'til today.
Mom and I were just hangin' out in the Holidome last Friday
afternoon when I noticed a new kid in these parts. I barked 
and jumped off my spot on the chaise to see who this fella was.
He was nice and friendly through the screen, but Mom came 
over right away, 'cuz she was worried that one of us guys might
bust through. (Ha! Not even close!) Anyway, this guy was pantin'
somethin' fierce. It was hot outside and he wasn't wearin' a collar,
so Mom and Dad weren't sure if he was dropped off by somebody
or if he'd run away from home in our neighborhood. Mom was real
cautious (truthfully, 'cuz he's a pit bull), but she talked to him through
the screen and he just dropped to the ground and rolled upside-down.
(That means he's a softy and not a meanie.)
Mom got a big bucket of cold water to quench his thirst, and then
Dad brought her a slip lead so that they could decide what to do next
without him runnin' off on us. That was some time around 5 pm.
 Mom made friends with this guy - makin' me wait inside - and
they did somethin' I truly adore...they went for a ride together...
without me!

Mom rode around the neighborhood askin' people if they'd lost
a handsome, friendly white and black pit. Our neighbor who walks
a lot told us where he lived and that his name is "Domino". Mom
went to their house, but nobody answered the door until 11 pm.

When they finally opened the door, Mom said, "Is this your dog?"
while Domino unceremoniously ran inside the house. No "bye".
No "thanks". No "seeee ya!" He was really happy to be home.
(And I was really happy when Mom came back home again, too.)

Truly, I'm glad he's safely back home and this story has a happy end. 
Before I go, I wanna share one more "selfie". I can see the
allure of these things - they're really fun! This time, I asked Mom
to join me in the picture, but I pushed the button. Really, I did!

So, that's all for today. I hope everybody has a great week.
I'll see you next Tuesday. 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Jacque. said...

Fun story with a happy ending. And, I do love the selfies! xo

Createology said...

Tag I am so glad Domino was a softie and that mom and dad were able to keep him safe and returned to his home. I hope you never get out and have to forage for isn't pretty. Love your selfies. You and Mom look radiant together. Happy Tail Waggin Smooches Dear...

Kathy L. said...

Tag you are too adorable!!!

Glad Domino got home safe.

Kathy (and Murphy)

carolg said...

Tag, your selfie looked particularly awesome on my phoneūüėĄ. Took me a minute to get that song reference though.

MartyG said...

Tag, you take the best selfies. Mine always come out looking weird. Yours are just too cute. Probably because you are such a handsome fellow. MartyG

zooperson said...

How kind of your mom to spend so much time finding Domino's peeps. You look (and your mom) look "maavalous!"

Andi's English Attic said...

That first picture made me laugh. I think it's worthy of being included in a photo quilt.


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