May 30, 2014

Over The River Is Home Again...

She's home again!
When I opened the box, I was expecting the judges critique sheet, but there
were other treats tucked inside, too! Are you ready to see what came back?
I received a National Quilting Association quilt label for my quilt. It 
records that it was included in the "Going Green" show this year.

I'll be putting a fabric border on the label (just like I did for the one that's 
already on the back of my quilt) and then sew it on above my regular label.
I also received a program for the show and a ribbon as an "entrant" in the show.
It's already hanging up on my ribbon frame along with the few others I have.
I promised I'd share the judges' critique sheet when it came back.
Well, here it is. I'm happy with the comments and will remember their
feedback as I create future quilts and other sewn and quilted projects.
Overall, the most difficult part of participating in the NQA show was boxing
 up and shipping off my quilt. That was nerve-wracking for me. I was so
concerned that it would be lost in transit, and I most relieved when I found
 the box delivered to our front lanai when I got home yesterday morning.
 The extras in the package were icing on the cake. Really. I am happiest just 
having my quilt back and hanging up in its appointed place in our home. I can
 stop fretting and be content to  run my hand over the fabric on my way by.
I think "Over The River" will just stay home from now on. Yes. I think so.

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Minimiss said...

Well done my friend. Good constructive comments. I can totally sympathise with your anxiety regarding sending your quilt away. Far too much effort involved to lose it in transit.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So happy it is home! I prayed that it would return safely! I just know it looks beautiful in your home. Enjoy your weekend! Twyla

Nancy said...

Donna, So glad that your beautiful quilt is back home. You must share a picture of it in place in your home.

Createology said...

With a HUGE sigh of relief your amazing quilt is once again home safely with you. Interesting judges comments. I see your "Over the River" quilt and am blown away with the ability of you to take fabric and threads and create such an amazing work of art. Be proud my friend. Blessings and Creative Bliss...

Jennifer M. said...

Thank Goodness it made its way home safely! Honestly I wouldn't be able to send any projects to shows and contests because some judges can be so cruel and harsh in their comments. Luckily, yours came back with nice ones. ;-)

I think your quilt is perfect. Enjoy it.


Raewyn said...

This sounds like such a happy experience for you!! Well done :-)

Jackie said...

Glad your quilt made it home safely. The first thing I thought when reading through the judges comments is that "machine quilting through embroidery detracts" is more of an opinion versus a factual statement. I admire your ability to take the feedback and not fret over it - I have so much of that at work that I don't want it touching my creative outlet that keeps me sane!

Karen Gass said...

Happy your quilt is home. It is so hard to believe the judges found anything to point out as 'lacking'. Wow - but I'm sure you've been over it all in your head and you don't need my 2 cents :)

I entered a quilt in a show several years ago and had to mail it off. I found the judges comments to be so very helpful, and they were not unkind either. Even though I didn't win a ribbon, I learned from the experience and I hope someday to do it again.

Yes, I hope you'll share a picture with us of the quilt living in it's rightful place :) Karen

Primstitch said...

Oh my, I was lucky enough to see Over the River in person at the Pt Charlotte show & was so amazed at your talent! I thought it was a beautiful work of art, so I am awarding you first place right now! ( it's a special online award)! Hope to see you again sometime & in the meantime, enjoy your travels! Stay safe & look forward to following you via your blog!
Thanks too for always so willingly sharing your expertise with those of us who are not so talented with a needle!


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