May 20, 2014

Camera Face...

 I finished both of my Headstart quilts to take to our guild meeting last night.
Of course, I had to get pictures of them before they went on their way. Tag was
more than happy to help, and Handsome was in charge of taking the pictures.
 I finished the "camouflage" baseball appliques' to cover the crease,
so now the back looks as good the front. I embroidered "Play Ball"
on the top baseball, with the row of balls below to create motion.
I think some little guy will be happy to own this one.
 Of course, Taggart wanted to try it out to make sure
it would be comfortable for afternoon naps, but I said
he'd have to settle for just making sure it was nice and soft.
 I finished the boy's quilt on Monday, and then set about
finishing the little girl's quilt on Tuesday. I had the top
done ahead of time, so I only needed to quilt and bind it
(and add the label) to have it ready to travel to the meeting.
 I love how cheerful and colorful this one is. Tag
said it was too "sweet" for him, so he headed out to
explore the yard instead of hanging around with us.

Now, I bet you're wondering about the title for this post.
Having been married to a professional photographer for over
 thirty years, I learned to get comfortable standing in front of
  the camera. Whether in large group pictures or portraits, I just
decided long ago that I didn't want to be the one person who
wasn't prepared for the shutter. To make sure, I developed
my standard smile whenever I'm aware that there's a camera
around. Handsome has taken to calling it my "camera face".
When other people are around and he's taking the picture,
he now just looks at me, smiles and says, "C.F." and I know
that he's teasing me because of my canned expression.

He told me President George H.W. Bush has a camera face, too.
(He's taken photos of the Bush family often enough to know.)
I'd say that puts me in pretty good company! lol

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Minimiss said...

Nice quilts and nice C.F.

Jacque. said...

The two quilts turned out so nice...they will be much loved, I am sure. Camera Face...too funny!!

Farmhouse prims said...

Donna, your quilts are so lovely, I love your furbaby, is he a sheltie? You are so beautiful, now wonder your hubby likes taking your photo. Lecia

Createology said...

Your face is always beautiful and smiling even when Handsome is not photographing. Your quilts are sew precious for the little children. Tag is a natural model! Creative C.F. Bliss Dear...

Jennifer M. said...

The quilts came out great! Love those brights colors of the girl quilt. Tag is adorable. Such a natural in front of the camera like his mom. :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love how Tag needed to take a test nap on the quilt. I use to do that every time I finished a quilt. I would take a nap under it first for good luck before I sent it to it's new owner.


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