May 8, 2014

All Stitched Up BOM - June...

My latest installment of the "All Stitched Up Club" for June arrived yesterday.

 I signed up for this program at Shabby Fabrics online. (You can join the club,
too, if you'd like. Just click on the "All Stitched Up" link above.) I'm truly fond
of Kathy Schmitz' fabric set in this kit - especially the one with writing on it.
Every kit comes with a sweet verse and image on a bookmark. Each one is 
cuter than the last. I save them separate from the kits so I can use them.
See what I mean about the fabric with the writing on it? Each word represents
a quilting term! I'm looking forward to stitching the design and sewing this one.

I guess it's time to stop pushing around fabric and furniture and stick to
the fun stuff. My biggest issue right now is choosing what to work on next.
Don't worry. I'll figure it out and get started today.
So many little time. 

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Jacque. said...

Lovely kit. Looking forward to seeing what you work on next. I have been organizing and changing up a few things, but I am definitely feeling the urge to work on something. Have a great day!

Createology said...

Of course I like June's BOM with all the blue fabrics. That script fabric is perfect with its quilting words. Lovely Day Dear...


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