May 18, 2014

It's A Jungle Out There...

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I went outside to pull a native weed out of one of my planters on Friday night. 
I wasn't wearing gloves. My hand immediately started burning like I'd been
 stung by a thousand bees. Nailed by Florida's toxic wild beauty yet again. 
My pinkie finger swelled up and continued to burn. I tried to use cold water
and ice, and then applied a cortisone cream, but I couldn'tstitch a thing all
day Saturday and the itching woke me up again on Saturday night. Nothing 
would cool it down or stop the discomfort and so I was miserable.
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When I got up Sunday morning, I prepared our Sunday breakfast and took
two Benedryl tablets. Nothing high-powered...two little 25 mg. tablets. I
put my head down and woke up at 6 pm. My entire day was a bust!
 The swelling has gone down a bit and my hand still itches, but I was able to
finish stitching down my boy's quilt baseballs after dinner. I'll finish the
decorative touches after I get home from the doctor's office in the morning. 
(Is it really time for my annual wellness checkup again already?) 
I'm still going to get both of those quilts done in time for our guild meeting. 
The most important thing for me to remember is that "It's a Jungle Out There"
and I'm no gardener. I'll stay inside in my Garden of Fabrics where I'm safe! 
Edited to add this song, suggested by my friend, MaryLou. 
You know, I often try to use song titles for my blog posts.
I didn't even know this was a song title when I wrote it. Cool!
(Thanks, ML. Thanks for the heads-up. You're so right! LOL)
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Eleanor Mefford said...

That's awful!!! Really scary and painful. I hope today brings you real relief. Eleanor

Createology said...

Your garden of fabrics is exactly where you should spend your time. I am so sorry you got stung and had days of pain with your finger out of stitching commission. Be well my friend...Hugs and Healing Energy.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So sorry, Donna. I am glad you're doing better now. Twyla

Jennifer M. said...

Oh No! I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad that pesky weed didn't cause a more serious reaction. At least you learned an important gardening lesson...and shared it with the rest of us who may have done the same thing cause they didn't know better. :-D

Hope you can get back to your stitching now.


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