May 16, 2014

It Was Supposed To Be Easy...

 Choose a backing, sandwich with batting and the top, and quilt. That's all I
needed to do. I secured the backing to my table, pinned everything in place
(more than I needed to) and double-checked to make sure there were no
wrinkles on the back. I meandered until the quilt was assembled. All I'd
have to do would be to add the binding and I'd be finished. Simple, right?

I used the best fabrics. I chose Moda's French General fabric for the back, and
I should have been finished by last evening. Except for one thing...the backing
fabric stretched during the quilting process and left puckers in one back section.
I had to make a decision. How was I going to fix this mess? If I picked out the
meandering, I'd have to remove over half the stitching. As it's a Headstart quilt,
we are asked to do a lot of quilting so they don't fall apart in the weekly wash.
That means that frogging those stitches would take me all weekend. I'm just
like everyone else. I don't really like to pick out mistakes - especially if it's the
fabric's fault! I decided that I'd grab a needle and sew a pucker down to see
 whether or not it would "disappear" into the quilt. Wishful thinking. It didn't.
After looking at it a little longer, I decided that I'd hand applique' baseballs
over the quilting snafu. I'm thinking it's going to look great. Even though it
will take another day to do the applique' and red embroidery, I'd much
rather spend my time doing this, than undoing something else. I'm happy.
I think it's going to be really cool when it's finished, and I definitely won't
be using that fabric as a backing again! I'll be sure to use a nice, crisp, 
fabric for the back of the "girly" quilt. I don't want this to happen again.
I'm off for my Saturday morning date with Handsome and then I'll get 
this quilt finished so I can move on to the next one. Do something fun, ok?

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Kris said...

Super cute, Donna!! And sooooooo clever!! Have fun on your Saturday morning date!! And does someone get to Tag along with the two of you? LOL!!!

Createology said...

How sad the fabric stretched. Your baseballs will thrill some little boy and he will never know they are covering up any mishap. Blissful date with Handsome Dear...

Laura Quaglia said...

I like the baseball stitch Your things are alway great. Laura

Sharon Chapman said...

I just knew you were a clever gal. Perfect solution. Love the baseballs. Have not visited for a while as I have had acute bronchitis for the last 3 weeks with a nasty headache to match. The boys, that being Max and Cooper have been trying to take care of me. I am on the mend now.


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