May 9, 2014

A Needle Pulling Thread...

I'm working on a project that's going to become a class. 
Cotton fabric and pearl cotton coming together to teach basic embroidery stitches.
I have to remind myself to keep it simple. It will be beginner embroidery, after all.
More photos to follow (Monday, perhaps?) when I'm finished with the entire piece.
You know the old saying, "When one door closes, another door opens..."?
When our traditional Saturday morning Coffee Club get-togethers ended, 
Handsome asked if I'd like to start Saturday morning breakfast dates with him.

The first time, he took me to Paneras. Now we're planning more extended
dates to add a few other fun activities after breakfast! I miss the girls, but 
 happily admit, I appreciate my husband's wonderful offer to be with him.
Thanks for the great idea, Honey!

I hope you have something fun planned for your Saturday.
Later, 'gators!

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Minimiss said...

Gee I wish I lived within driving distance of you so that I could take some lessons in embroidery. That is a lovely design.

How nice to know you will have a Saturday morning date with Handsome each week. He is a treasure.

Gloria M said...

I sure wish I lived closer, I need those classes and I would love to go to your other classes on quilting, etc. Lucky students who get to attend. How about a cool tutorial on beginning embroidery stitches? I work hard trying to learn, but I surely could use a little help on learning the basics, especially when that is the basis of beautiful and
good projects. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacque. said...

What a guy you have in Handsome! Something to look forward to, for sure, hey? Have fun with your embroidery class! Lovely work, by the way.

Ruth said...

Hi Donna..... You're long time lurker here. I too wish I could take classes from you. My loss for sure. Maybe some video toots someday?????
Oh, and good job to Handsome!
Have a wonderful day..... Ruth

Createology said... take classes from you! How very sweet of Handsome...Saturday Morning Dates. Lovely embroidery dear...

suz said...

this looks like it is going to be a lovely project. I am curious though...this is the 2nd time I've seen embroidery set into a hoop like this. I've always placed my work over an "inside" hoop and then placed the "outside rim over the fabric and "inside" hoop. Why do you set it up like this? Doesn't the hoop get in the way? I'd love to know the advantages to this and/or if I've been doing it the wrong way all these years. Your work is beautiful, so there must be an important reason for this. thanks


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