May 1, 2014

Decisions, Decisions...

Interior of my sewing organizer
I'm still sorting and putting things away, but I came across this project in the mix.
I taught this class a couple of weeks ago and I only have to attach and sew on the
binding and it will be finished. These are all the fabrics I pulled for the organizer.
Organizer exterior
This is the exterior of the organizer, and I really like the fresh colors for the outside.
I only have to decide which fabric to use for the binding. I'm partial to the red.
What do you think?
If you're interested in the pattern for this organizer, you can find it in my Craftsy
 shop (here). Zippers, ties and pockets combine for a great little project. Don't
worry about installing a zipper. I've got a really simple solution that makes for an
easy install. You can also add ribbons and embroidery to further personalize yours.
Back to work for me. I really want to finish the studio and house "reclamation".
I'd love to be able to play over the weekend, so I have to concentrate today.
Have a great Friday!

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Minimiss said...

Red, definitely red.

Minimiss said...
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Gloria M said...

Dear Donna, Red, Red, Red and more Red....

Buttons said...

At first I thought the polka dots. But then realized the red would really pop and the polka dots would get lost. Love the bright colors! :)

Kathy said...

Love the red, but what would be really pretty would be a small piping of the green inside the red. Don't you love how I like to complicate it for you? LOL

Your studio remodel is great - you've inspired me to take a look at mine.

Createology said...

I love it and red it is! I did buy your Craftsy pattern and have yet to make one. Why can't I just take your classes which I do sew much better in? Oh right...the commute is too far. Fun to find your new studio placements and excitement. Friday Finishes Dear...

Jennifer M. said...

Definitely the red! I love this project. :-)

Kris said...

Yum!! I love the flowered print and I vote definitely the red!!

Mandy said...

Yes, it has to be the red.


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