May 29, 2014

Look What I Found...

When recently combing through boxes in a local antique shop, I came across 
a treasure trove of these little beauties. They're thread spools, used (I think) in
a factory setting. They have a fabulous patina and are in great shape, so I knew
that I had to have them, but I also knew exactly how I would use them at home.
The first step when I got them back to the studio was to cover the beautiful wood
with scraps of cotton batting. Wood can damage fabric over time, so this is a step
I took in an effort to protect what I would store on the spools to keep them safe.
Then, I went into my stash of beautiful, printed twill ribbons and began rolling 
the wide tapes that I have onto the spools. Each tape is 2" wide, so you can see
how large these spools are to be able to hold three different ribbons on each one.
I think they're beautiful to look at even when I'm not using them, don't you?
In fact, I may have to go back and purchase more spools. (Yup. I have more tapes.
I can't believe it's already Friday again. I guess it's true...
"Time flies when you're having fun"!
Speaking of time...It's time to finish my knitting project. Gotta run!

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Buttons said...

Love it...isn't vintage great? :)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Lovely! Where/how will you store/ display them?

Createology said...

I am thinking I may have Vintage Thread Spool envy...and Twill Tape envy...Oh Dear I do not look good in green. Fabulous Find and Usage. My daily visit to you is such a treat...Thank You!


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