March 26, 2019

Tuesdays With Tag - Reminiscin'...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag

Hi, Everybody!

I know. This is the same picture I used last week. It's okay. Today, I'm gonna show you more recycled pictures. I'm in a nostalgic mood.

Brynwood Needleworks - Puppy Taggart

Just yesterday, I was sittin' in the kitchen, talkin' with Mom. Our conversation went somethin' like this: 

"Hey, Mom! Do you remember when I was just a little puppersnapper?"

"Yes, Tag. I remember it well. Here's the first time I ever saw your wee, handsome face.
You were still living with the breeder, and they sent me this picture from their farm, where you were born."

"Was I lookin' at you, Mom?"

"No, Tag. You were looking at whoever was taking the picture.
You sure looked serious for such a small boy."

"I couldn't help it. I was bein' mauled by the little girl that made me stand on the table."

Mom just laughed at me and said I was bein' melodramatic (whatever that means).

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag, Out Cold

The first people I met (after Mom and Dad decided I should come and live with them), were Aunt Marion and Uncle Doug. They had a playpen for me, and I ran around so much with them and my new friend, Nikki (their black Labrador), that I had to take a power nap. (Aunt Marion and Uncle Doug loved me so much, they decided to get my real brother, Trip, a week later.)

Mom said that when I fell asleep, I really fell asleep! What can I say? I was a puppy, and puppies really need their rest. (I decided to maintain a little modesty in the picture, though.) lol

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag Sleepin' In The Airstream Shoe Spot

Mom, Dad, Kessie and I lived together in the Airstream that whole summer. I didn't know we actually had a big house until we went home to Florida after a summer of travelin'. This was my favorite sleepin' spot. (Yeah. I know. I was upside down again.) That was a cool spot, although it didn't take long for me to outgrow it.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag and Kes

Kessie was my first, best friend. I thought she was the coolest girl I'd ever met. It's sad that she was old and we only had about a month together. I miss her all the time, so it's a good thing that black dog is my roommate now.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag's Puppy Sit

So, I could fill this post with millions more pictures of cute puppy me, but I don't want you to get bored. I just wanted to take a little stroll down Memory Lane and thought you'd like to walk along with me. Maybe we'll do it again some time. Don't worry. It won't be for a while.
I'll see you again in seven, 'til then...
"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".


  1. awwww Tag - it does us all good to reminisce once in awhile. You sure were a whole bundle of cuteness (still are!)

  2. Hi Tag. It is good to go back and reminisce because I forgot just how little you were when Mom and Dad first chose you to be part of their family. You were cute then and you are still cute. Now you are very smart too. Keep Tail Waggin my little Corgi Cutie...xo

  3. Oh Tag - you were so cute! Thanks for sharing. Do it again very soon please.

  4. Dear Tag, I remember when I took Chesed to puppy training classes, the woman teaching them was telling us, If you aren't able to get your puppy's attention flip them over on their back. Dogs hate being on their backs and you will have their attention because they will want to be turned back over. Then she looked at me and said Except for you, Corgis love being on their backs so I don't know what to tell you. It's funny but my little Bits loves to be on her back also. Maybe I'm just not meant to have well behaved dogs. lol

  5. Tag, I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your puppy pictures also.


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