May 21, 2019

Tuesdays With Tag - Settin' Up For Summer...

Brynwood Needleworks - Firebug Tag

Hi, Everydoggy Everybody! 
('scuse the Freudian slip. lol)

I'm comin' to you this week, fireside at the farm. The weather was so nice last week that Mom and Dad set up our firepit and lit it up for the first time this year. Isn't it nice that Mom lets me sit on the chaise with her I let Mom sit on the chaise with me?

Brynwood Needleworks - Bella Butt

Mom made sandwiches for Dad and her, and they had a nice alfresco lunch. Of course, Boo and I supervised, just in case somethin' hit the ground.

Are you noticin' Bella Butt's sweet little gray chinny hairs? She's only four, and plannin' to have babies this year. We might have to dye her chin black so her "intended" doesn't think she's a cougar!

Brynwood Needleworks - Squinty Tag

Now, squint real hard and check out my chin. You don't see any gray hairs on this regal chin, do you? You sure don't!

You don't see me eatin' any lunch, either. Rats! I gave it my best shot, but sometimes Mom is completely immune to my beggin'. (Note to self: Must work on technique.)

Anyway, that was a really great day. It's been a bit colder since then, but nothin' those of us with built-in fur coats can't handle.

Brynwood Needleworks - Boo On The Bed (and Dad)

I have one more picture to show you today. Dad's makin' believe he's miffed with Bella, but he's really not. She jumps up there and just hangs out on the retriever quilt, thinkin' it was made just for her. I have to admit, she's one, cute black dog. Mom and I really missed these two when they were in Florida, and we're really happy that we're all hangin' out together again. We're makin' the most of every, single day. 

I've gotta run now. Mom's headin' up to Menasha for the mornin', and when she gets home, we're all goin' to Milwaukee. People are goin' to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, and dogs are all gonna stay home and play cards. It's gonna be a great time.
I'll see you again in seven, 'til then...
"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".

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Createology said...

Sweet Summer and slower paced life. Bella is four already?!! Her chin hairs are sweet. Tag you have the silent beggin down pat and I do not understand how Mom could resist your sweet face. I would give you my most favorite ice cream! Sweet Summer Livin...


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