April 10, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Farm Boy...

My Favorite Place - So Far

 Hi, Everybody!

As you can imagine, Boo and I are spendin' a lot of time inside these days. Mostly, we're lookin' at lots of cardboard and bubble wrap. 

Every once in a while, Mom lets us out, and yesterday I surprised her by comin' back in the house after I'd rolled in somethin' nice and ripe. She wasn't amused. sigh Can't say a guy doesn't try.


We went for a ride, too. Mom had to take some stuff for Dad to the post office. On our way, we stopped to look at this cool marsh. It was a little too chilly for us to swim, but guess what? NO ALLIGATORS! Mom said we'll come back here to explore when the weather gets warmer. We're pretty excited about that.

Bella's Favorite Place, Too

Mom needs her space right now...and so do I!! That black dog likes my spot! She's got a lotta nerve. I guess I'd better hop off the computer, and hop back on my end of the sofa before she claims it again. (She keeps mutterin' somethin' about "squatter's rights".) Like I said, she's got a lotta nerve.

I'm sorry I don't have anythin' more excitin' for you this week. I hope Mom finds time for us to do anythin' but watchin' her unpack for next week. Maybe she'll take pictures of the grass growin', or maybe cars rustin'. You know...more grippin' subject matter. snort

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

PS. Mom wanted me to tell you that she changed the settin' on our computer yesterday, so you might have a one hour difference readin' our posts for the summer. We're posting at midnight Central Time while we're up north. She thought you should know. xo Tag

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Createology said...

Farm Boy Tag. You are gonna have lots of time for runnin and swimmin and rollin after mom gets more boxes unpacked. At least you got to go for a ride. If only you and Boo could help unpack...but I am pretty certain you need thumbs for that. Be a really good Farm Boy! Smooches...<3


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