April 15, 2017

Waiting For Lilacs...

Lilac Buds At Hickory Hill Farm

We woke up to a sunny day here at the farm yesterday. It was chilly, but that wasn't stopping the trees and bushes from working on their spring attire.

Lilac Buds

From the looks of things, it shouldn't take long for the leaves to pop, and the flowers won't be far behind. This is just one of the lilac bushes here at the farm.

Tiny Flowers In The Grass

Of course, some of the flowers are already showing up in surprising places. These tiny blossoms are growing right up through the grass!

My Corgi On Patrol

Tag made sure I wasn't getting into trouble, and he wasn't either (for a change). Bella was off racing around the house when I took this shot. I love this little dog, and he looked so darn cute, standing there and watching me, that I had to capture the moment.

I've emptied over seventy boxes (and put away the contents) since Monday. I'm taking part of today off to go and play with our neighbor, Shelly, for a little while. We won't go far, but I need a breather. I'm a little tired of boxes, bubble wrap and paper. My hands are a dry mess, and I'm in need of some "retail therapy". Just what the doctor ordered, I think.


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Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I love this photo of the boy in the yard. So excited for you Deece! Everything looks so beautiful there.
Shelby Marie

TerriSue said...

Our lilacs have already bloomed. They were glorious. Then I didn't leave the house to go out front for two days and when I went next they were gone. When they are in bloom I go past them to get to the car so I always get a good whiff.. I wish you good smells when yours bloom. Tag takes such good care of his mom.

Createology said...

How very fun to watch the Spring Growth and Flowers Bloom. Tag is such a sweetie and looks like an excellent guard dog for such a grand Hickory Hill Farmstead. Retail therapy will do you good. I thought you might be taking a pampering Spa day. That is a very huge number of unpacked boxes dear. Rest is necessary...<3


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