April 22, 2017

Wisconsin Pincushion...

"Home" Pincushion Detail

My friend, Kathy came to visit me at the farm yesterday. She and I unpacked fabric boxes together in the studio. We got so much accomplished, and it was so much more fun to do this task with my friend.

Kathy brought a gift for me, too. She created another beautiful pincushion. I was so surprised to see the design. (In case you're interested, this is one of Lisa Bongean's - Primitive Gatherings designs.)

"Home" Pincushion
Her timing was uncanny. If you didn't see my blog post yesterday, please take a look. She hadn't read my post either, so when I showed her the print I found, she understood why I was so excited. This gift is sitting on my cutting table now, and I'm looking forward to using it when I start creating again (soon).

Thanks again, Kathy. I really, truly love every gift you've made for me...and this one is a fitting welcome back to Wisconsin. This one is very special. xo


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laura dowdall said...

How lovely is that Donna.I now understand the poster.Being a Brit I had no idea how significant the poster was.How rude am I ,I thought it was just a black bob.I see now why it reached out to you.I loved the sentiment anyway but the background now makes sense.Take time with the rest of the unpacking my friend,don't overstretch yourself as you want to enjoy it when it's all straight.xxx

Createology said...

Having a friend help unpack and set up your studio is a huge gift and for her to have made you this pincushion...Priceless Friend! Enjoy your day dreaming of all you will be creating very soon dear. <3

Jane said...

The pincushion's such a lovely gift, and the gift of your friend's time to help you unpack your fabric boxes was an added bonus. I'll bet you had a great time while working on those boxes!

Sherri said...

What a good friend and a beautiful gift!!


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