April 19, 2017

Setting Up My Studio...

Fabric Studio - Shelving
My main shelf configuration was installed yesterday in my fabric studio. I'm blessed to have two rooms for my creative pursuits at the farmhouse, so one will be where I sew, and the other will be my fabric room.

Our son came up late yesterday afternoon to attach my shelves to the wall so they'll be nice and stable when I start to unload those boxes of fabric onto them. I wanted to start filling them up right away, but I have a ceiling fan with lights as my main only source of lighting in the room (for now) - and the bulbs are all burned out. (I have lots of light bulbs, but this fixture has the small base bulbs, which I don't have.) I had to wait until today for daylight to work.

I have a service appointment for my Explorer first thing this morning, but as soon as I get home, the cardboard is going to fly. Box by box, I'll work my way to a clear floor, and I'm really looking forward to it! (I'll pick up replacement bulbs while I'm out, too!)

More photos tomorrow, so you can see how far along I can get. I'm going to be so happy, just to be able to play with my fabrics for a little while. It's going to be fun setting up my new creative spaces here at the farm. What a great way to spend a day (or ten)!


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Sewing In CT said...

What fun it is following your adventure!!! 3 cheers for getting the fabric room done!!!

Nancy said...

Love your shelves. Storage is the main problem in my sewing room. Sometimes I have so much stuff in there that I have no real space to work. I have a giant basement that would be perfect but Fred and I have problems with steps so our basement is just for storage that doesn't get used much. I am trying to be neater but it isn't working.LOL

Createology said...

Donna I honestly do not know anyone who deserves to have a room just for her fabrics more than you do!!! Fill up those shelves my friend. How wonderful to have your very own handy son! Fabric Bliss in Hickory Hill Farmland...<3

Rebecca said...

Oh Yes!!
A room for fabric,now you need a room for books and patterns (oh that would be me), and room to work in!!!


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