April 20, 2017

It's A Start...

My Work In Progress
I showed you a room, filled with boxes, yesterday. Today, I can show you how far I got toward arranging my fabric studio. I knew I'd be able to add to my "empty box" count fairly quickly, but even I was surprised when I emptied twenty boxes (large and small) by the end of the day.

I decided to set up my cutting table, even though I have many more boxes to empty for this room, because I need the base cabinets for my flat fold fabrics. My table top measures 36" x 60", so I have plenty of room to roll out my projects.

Once this is set up (still a little adjusting to do), I'll put the flat folds into the openings and be even further along on my process. I'll hang my quilting rulers on the ends of the cabinets so I don't have wasted spaces. I also don't want them to be lined up on flat surfaces that I'll need for other things.

Where you see "ornaments" on the shelves there will be only fabric bolts. I only put them on the shelf as I cleared a box for the stack. In addition to a fabric room, I'll also have my small television/dvd player on the wall, and a chair so I can sit and stitch in this room if I want to.

It's supposed to rain overnight and tomorrow, so I think it'll be perfect weather for more of the same. I'll have to bring in the "big guns" again soon. There are boxes that ended up in this room that should have been taken downstairs, and I have to move a few pieces of furniture which are just too heavy for me to handle alone.

I'm being very careful not to strain my back. I have too much to do to just lie around nursing an injury. I'll get lots done, but take care of myself in the process. I'll share my progress again tomorrow.

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suz said...

wow, I'm impressed. It took me weeks when I moved, to get everything reorganized and shelved!

Createology said...

Your progress is amazing and your fabrics look sew perfectly arranged and available for your incredible sewing projects. I am so thankful that you are taking care not to strain your back or anything else. Having hunky men to help move the heavy and bulky stuff is very smart. Happy organizing dear...<3

Sewing In CT said...

I'm jealous of the time you are spending with your stuff! Even though it is hard work! Take your time, rest, and look forward to real play time! It's looking good!

Jeannie B. said...

I was amazed to see this post, after the last post full of boxes. I think there is not much more fun to be had than setting up a sewing room and unpacking all your favorite things.


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