April 6, 2017

My Latest Find...

Newest Find For The Farmhouse

I was running errands in Plymouth, WI yesterday (not far from the farm), when I noticed an antique shop...and it was open! I pulled into the parking lot and went inside.

The shop is called "Forgotten Times", and it inhabits an older home. Each room is populated with the items you might have found there in earlier times. 

Tile Detail
I was looking for a dresser for the master bedroom (which I found!), but I also found this sweet stand. It has matching floral tiles in two different sizes on the top and lower shelves. It was a steal at only $10, so I bought it.
When I got home, I immediately opened a can of paint and started brushing away. It still needed one coat, so I'll share the finished stand with you tomorrow. I think you'll like its new look. I know I do! It's going to fit right in a Hickory Hill Farm. 

By the way, Forgotten Times doesn't have a website, but they are on Facebook. Their physical address is 108 Caroline Street, Plymouth, WI 53073. If you're in the area, be sure to stop in. The owner is very friendly, and you'll love all the wonderful things you'll find there. See you tomorrow!


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Createology said...

You have acquired a lovely little stand. I am curious what paint color you chose. I know it will be beautiful. Sounds like you found a treasure trove of goodies for Hickory Hill Farm.

Sewing In CT said...

Well, if you can't get started unpacking, antiquing would be my next choice too!


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