April 21, 2017

My Latest Find...

"Love Brings You Home"
I had an appointment on Wednesday to get my Explorer serviced. It needed an oil change, and was also making the ominous "ticking" sound. Bad news was the my intake manifold had a crack and a sheared bolt requiring a $1400 repair. Good news was that I still have about 9,000 miles left on my extended warranty, and a phone call confirmed that everything (including a rental car to drive while my vehicle is in the shop) would be covered. whew!
Going to the dealership was great on another level, as my BFF, Lee works there, and she was able to visit with me while I waited for my vehicle. We're already looking forward to a summer spent catching up. 
On my way home, I stopped at the local Sendek's Market (one of my favorites), and I found this print in their decor section. It's a nice 11" x 14" size, and suitable for framing (and once framed, it will hang in the farmhouse). It captured my heart from the moment I saw it, and it got me to thinking.
Two sons and their wives; three grandchildren; two sisters; my dear aunt and uncle, and other local family members; countless friends (old and new), including my Wisconsin BFF; and now, Hickory Hill Farm. Once Handsome arrives, it will be perfect.
"Love Brings You Home."


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Createology said...

Thank goodness you have a good extended warranty...and your BFF. Love this print and how it relates so perfectly to your new Hickory Hill Farm move back to Wisconsin. Lovely Day to you Sweet Donna. <3


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