April 28, 2017

Warm And Sunny Inside...

Sendik's Daisies

I can't believe it actually snowed yesterday. It was warm enough that the snow melted, but it was a "chili and sweater" kind of day.

I shopped at Sendek's in West Bend last weekend. I saw potted, colored daisies, and of course, I needed to have one at the farm...for mom. The beautiful flowers now sit on our kitchen table - bringing sunshine into the house on a glum day.

A Cozy Corner
We're having lovely radiator covers made for all our cast iron heating elements here at the farm. When the weather warms up, we'll start by painting them all with a heat-tolerant, white paint. Then, they'll be covered with custom-made pieces that will look a bit like furniture.

Even so, our radiators are a warm part of the farmhouse, and they make for a cozy corner on a snowy day. I added a songbird embroidery - actually the last piece I finished before marrying Handsome - in the window, and then placed a lamp on the table in front of it. A warm, cozy spot, indeed.

I'm about finished organizing the kitchen area now, and have moved back upstairs to the studio rooms. One step forward, two steps back. I get everything cleaned up, open another box or three, and dang. There I go again. 

I'm making up new boxes to donate, as I work my way through what's left. I'll see if I can get the fabric room completed today so I can share photos with you tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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Createology said...

Crazy weather with warm and snowing. Lovely Daisy in this season's Pretty in Pink colors. Mom is smiling upon you while you set up your cozy comfortable home. Two steps forward and zero steps back will have you unpacked in record time. Fabulous Friday Dear. <3


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