April 14, 2017

Unpacking Treasures...

Dresser Baby With Puppy

One fun aspect of opening boxes (some of which have been long-packed), is that I often unearth treasures I'd nearly forgotten. Today, I unpacked a box of items that held many pieces of my childhood. This dresser baby was one of them. 

When I was a child, I remember dusting this one, as well as another mirror image baby with a rabbit. Sadly, I broke that one one day, and only this one survived. I was told that it had been at least fifty years old when it was gifted into my family, and I remember seeing it all my life. It was eventually given to me. This piece would then be over one hundred years old.

Dresser Baby And Baby Skunk

Now that it's unpacked, I've got this baby resting on my vanity (yet to be repainted) until I bring in a new-to-me dresser. Once the dresser is in my room, I'll likely move it over there so that Valentina can stand on one side of my vanity. I'll decide once they're all in the room.

Tiny Skunk
When my friend, Stacey and I were at Valentina's (Antique store in Venice), I saw this tiny skunk. I told Stacey that, when I was a kid, I used to spend my allowance on knick knacks from time to time. I had actually purchased a mama and two baby skunks, and this piece was exactly one of the babies! After I told her the story, I put it back down, smiling at the memory. 
Stacey apparently picked it up when I wasn't looking and purchased it. A few days before I left Florida, she came over and gave it to me. She said, "To remind you of when you've been, and a friend here in Florida." 
Such a touching gesture. Stacey needn't worry. I'll see her again as soon as we get back to Florida in the fall. Until then, this tiny orphan will sit next to my dresser baby here at Hickory Hill Farm. 
NOTE: Yesterday, I shared a post about Mom's bowl and pitcher set. I admitted that I knew nothing of the age or hallmark to identify it. Thanks to one of my readers, my friend Danice, I can now give you a little more information about the set.
Danice wrote "Semi-vitreous procelain is mid-rated for absorbing water. It will absorb only a small amount of water. For indoor use only. As far as the maker's hallmark, KT & K is Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Company. Mid 19th century through early 1930's. Made in Ohio, USA. Very nice family heirlooms, and good antiques."
That information makes it even more fitting that it should now reside in our 1918 farmhouse. It would have been right at home when it was new. Thank you, dear Danice, for sharing this information with me. xoxo

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Createology said...

Your treasures are very special and they will be such a wonderful addition to your new spaces. Such a sweet skunkie gift. My mother collected skunk figurines. Enjoy your treasures as they light up new positions in Hickory Hill Farmhouse. Good Friday Dear...<3


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