April 13, 2017

A Gift...

Dried Flowers From The Farm

As I cut these dried hydrangeas from the bushes growing next to the farmhouse, I noticed new buds getting ready to open. Spring has definitely arrived at Hickory Hill Farm.

The reason I was cutting these was because I needed a bouquet for the bowl and pitcher set that Sis brought up last week. I knew this set was coming, as she told me she wanted me to have it for the house. She just wanted to wait until we were moved in to bring it.

Grandma's Bowl, Pitcher and Vase Set

This set originally belonged to Deb's grandmother, Lucille. I remember meeting her many years ago, before she passed. Deb remembers visiting Grandma at their cottage in Suamico (which I also visited), and actually using this set. The vase used to hold all the family's toothbrushes (14 of them), and she said that you had to remember from visit to visit which toothbrush was yours. lol

Flower Detail On Pitcher

After Grandma died, Mom (Grace) inherited it. From then on, it sat on its stand in Mom's home. Sis can't remember where the stand is these days, but these three pieces have weathered well. 

The floral detail is really lovely, and looks like a watercolor to me. The colors are soft and sweet, and they'll fit right in with the colors I have planned for the front bedroom.

This is the hallmark on the bottom of each piece. I don't know what it means, and haven't researched it yet, but it doesn't really matter.
Mom's bowl and pitcher set will sit on my dresser reminding me of her. I'll take good care of it now that it's come to live with me. It's another perfect touch for our farmhouse, and I'm so grateful that Sis entrusted it to me.

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tja said...

love it - wouldn't it look lovely on your new to you stand that you refurbished?
many blessings.

Danice said...

So pretty. Semi-vitreous porcelain is mid-rated for absorbing water. It will absorb only a small amount of water. For indoor use only. As far as the maker's hallmark, KT&K is Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Company. Mid 19th century through early 1930's. Made in Ohio, USA. Very nice family heirlooms + good antiques.

laura dowdall said...

It's a very pretty set Donna,can't wait to see it in situ.xx

Buttons said...

This is just beautiful and so special! :)

Createology said...

So lovely and such a family treasure. It is now residing in the perfect farmhouse with the perfect lady who will take excellent care of it. Dried Hydrangeas are just right...and from Hickory Hill Farm. Your home is truly becoming Home Sweet Home Dear. <3


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