April 2, 2017

Facebook Friends...

Brynwood Needleworks - Donna and Judy
Tired, a wonky (healing scar) smile, no makeup and mussy hair. I know there are many times when you don't feel like having your photo taken, but think about this. If you forego the photo every time you don't feel you look "perfect", how will people even know you were here?

Wonky smile shared with a friend I've known for a long time on Facebook...Judy and I have our Corgis in common. Many times, as I've passed through Tennessee, Judy has asked me to take a moment to visit so we could meet in person. Saturday, I made a point for us to stop at a Waffle House (near her home) just off I-65. 

No. 1 Son and I pulled into the parking lot and headed to the door. She stood up as we entered, and her smile filled the room. I was so glad to see her, to be able to hug her in person, and to spend even a short time with her before we continued on our journey.

I know we'll do this again, but we'll plan for a larger chunk of time. She'll be welcomed at the farm (as soon as we're settled in!), and I know that Nashville holds at least one soul who knows me. 

We asked No. 1 Son to take our picture. A memory of our first "in person" visit. I love everything about it. It's who we were - how we looked - on this day that we were finally able to meet. We're no longer just Facebook friends. I think meeting in person makes it an official friendship. Don't you?

After we parted ways (around 8:30 am), Son and I turned the Explorer back onto the highway and made our way north. About twelve hours later, I pulled into the farmyard with Tag and Bella. Sunday, I walked through the house and started preparing for our belongings to arrive on Wednesday. So much to do. I want this to look like home by the time Handsome arrives in five short weeks.


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Jane said...

You made good time! So good that you got to meet Judy in person! What fun you'll have turning the beautiful farmhouse into your new home!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

And I was thinking what a great photo! Did not even notice no makeup or the wonky scar til you said it. You have such a genuine persona showing in that happy moment. Glad you are home safe. Have fun fixing it all up.

Createology said...

You and Judy look so happy to finally meet in person. Finally on the "Home" stretch and yes, you will rest well tonight in your new Hickory Hill Farmhouse bedroom. Wayne and I are now home and it always feels so good to be safely home even after having a good three days away. Sleep Well Dear...<3

Sewing In CT said...

Great story! That's how I felt about my mug mat partner!! We had such a good time and I am looking forward to seeing her again! Congrats on arriving home safely!

Buttons said...

What a great visit. One day we will have our first "official meet" photo! So glad you made it safely...let the fun begin! Xoxoxo


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