April 26, 2017

Farmhouse Renovation - Another Peek...

Buffet Area - After

I've been completing areas of the house now as I anticipate Handsome's arrival. I wanted to complete the dining room yesterday, and I think I have most of it done. I'm still waiting for radiator covers, and deciding what might be placed on any of the walls (if anything).

I showed you the finished paint on the buffet before, but I wanted to show you the areas adjacent to it now that I've placed all (except my favorite Spode, which is still with Handsome) on the shelves. My mother-in-law's banjo clock hangs to the left of the buffet, and Handsome's sailboat sits on an antique typewriter table to the right.

Yes. I think I can pronounce this makeover a success...at least to us! I've shared photos of the entire room with Handsome, and it has his seal of approval, too. I'm going to wait until the radiator covers are installed before I show you the entire room, but I'm lovin' how this turned out.

Buffet Before
I knew when I saw it the first day, that it would be a beautiful update. It remains true to this old farmhouse, with a new coat of paint to shine her up.

Today I'll be tackling the kitchen. I won't share that room until after we install new cabinetry and appliances. That isn't going to happen until this fall, so I'll ask you to be patient. Until then, we will have places to store our things in the pantry, or makeshift storage in the actual kitchen room. There will be appliances, but not our final choices. I think you'll like what we're planning, but I have more to do to make it livable for now. Boxes to empty and things to stow. Then, I'll be heading back to the studio. I can't wait to show you those rooms, so I'd better get busy!


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Nancy said...

Donna: The dining room is so nice. I really like the cabinet painted white, especially with all the blue and white dishes. Nicely done.

Jeannie B. said...

I am having so much fun watching your updating!

Eleanor Mefford said...

LOVE your blog (even when it isn't about corgis!!!) The farmhouse is a dream; the blue and white china reminds me of my mother's wedding china--Spode "Blue Camilla". I read this every single day!!!

Createology said...

Older homes have such wonderful character built into them...unlike new minimalist homes nowadays. Your updated fresh coat of paint on the hutch is perfect. What a beautiful place to showcase your gorgeous blue and white dish treasures. Love the leaded glass doors. I think your dining room is comfortable and beautiful. Well done dear.


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