September 19, 2016

Tuesdays With Tag - We're Lovin' The Farm...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag on the Front Lawn

Hi, Everybody!

It's been a great first few days on the farm! Bella and I are havin' a blast! We've been lovin' all the company, and it's a great place to live even when no one is visitin'.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag and Bella on the Farm

Dad, Bella and I were out explorin' the yard, and I even found some good stuff of my own! At the end of the machine shed were all kinds of interestin' things left over from the cat-feedin' station that the previous owners had for their barn cat.

Mom and Dad warned them that two fierce dogs were gonna be movin' in, so they moved the feedin' station, but not all the goodies. They were there for so long that they smelled really disgustin'...just perfect for a good roll around - and fetch somethin' to give to Mom.

She was not amused, and proved it by grabbin' my stinkin' prize and then givin' me a bath! I'm not sure why she didn't like my present, but she kept gaggin', and I had to giggle a little even though I smelled like Dawn dish detergent when she was done. (Who do you think was gaggin' then?!)

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag and Bella "Wrastlemania"

Bella and I are able to run circles in the house these days. Mom lets us 'cuz this carpeting is on its way out. There's a little "demo" goin' on first, so it's stayin' in place to protect the wood floor underneath. Anyway, Bella and I aren't gonna let a wide open space in the house go to waste, so we acted like jerks, runnin' and wrastlin' until she told us to knock it off.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag Enjoying The Sunshine

I'm lovin' rollin' around in the grass without worryin' about those pesky fire ants! This grass smells sweet, and it's real soft. Add a sunny day, and a Corgi (or a black Labrador) could waste a whole day lyin' around, doin' nothin'!

I think that's just what I'm gonna do for a while...nothin'. Well, maybe play hide and seek with Bella if she shows up. We're lovin' the farm as much as Mom and Dad do. It's a very great place, even if they didn't call it "Corgi Hill Farm"!

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Mandy said...

Such fun exploring a new place, with so many things to see and opportunities for hide and seek.Lovely to hear your news, Tag.
Best wishes,

Sewing In CT said...

It must be so nice for the dogs to be outside running around without worrying about Florida critters!

Rebecca said...

I can hardly wait until the winter snow starts. I love a black dog on white snow and that little Corgi but is going to be fun to watch

Createology said...

I am so very excited to see you, Tag, and Bella enjoying your wide open spaces. You are gonna love every single day exploring and chasing and wrestling in Hickory Hill Farm. Corgi Hill just doesn't convey the history of this place. Keep Wrastlin Tag...

Patchworker said...

Wow, you two sweet pups are going to have a wonderful time on the farm and just love the picture of you both having a little loving wrestle together! Love the look k of your farmhouse too!

Kris said...

I just knew you and Bella would love the farm!! Way to go, scoping out that nasy cat stuff!! Heck, it would have taken mom and Dad weeks to find it and then it would have been even nastier!! Good boy!! And that gorgeous green carpet, why that is just like playing out in the grass!! :-)) Enjoy!!

Lesley UK said...

Tag, I'm so happy that you and Bella are enjoying the farm. But Tag, where is your pool? Luv from your worried English Auntie


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