September 18, 2016

How We Named Our Farm...

Brynwood Needleworks - Hickory Nuts From Our Farm

I was asked in one of the comments received on my initial post to explain how we came up with the name for our farm.

Our home is located on a hillside at the end of our road. The property is dotted with beautiful trees; maples, oaks (yay!), pine trees and multiple hickory trees. I offered up "Clermont Farm" thinking of my grandfather's middle name, but after discussion, Handsome and I decided, instead, to honor the land, rather than a person, in naming our new home.

As the hickory trees not only offer shade and beauty to our landscape, but also their fruit for sustenance, we decided on Hickory Hill Farm. The more we repeated it, the more perfect it felt. A friend has offered to do a sign for us, and we'll definitely take him up on his offer.

Shelly brought a bag of hickory nuts (that had been shelled last season and then frozen) as a gift for us. She said the lady who shells them is in her 80s, and we should watch for shell pieces "just in case". I've never tasted hickory nuts before, so she explained to me that they taste like pecans. She uses them in cookies, cakes and pies. One taste and I knew why. They're delicious...and more special because they come from our property.

Brynwood Needleworks - A Fan of Pears
Over the weekend, not only were we blessed to have our sons and their families give the farm their resounding seal of approval, but some of my family visited as well. More enthusiasm, not only for the property, but also for some of the fruit grown here. 

On our tree line is one beautiful pear tree (remember the pears Andy brought on our first day here?). As our kitchen is a blank slate right now (more on that this week), I have no way to can pears here, so I offered them to my niece. We filled a grocery bag that she took home with her.

While we were picking (and her teenage son was up the ladder and shaking the tree for more), her two year old was munching on fresh fruit. I have to say, it warmed my heart to see such eagerness this young lad showed for eating pears.

My dear friend (of fifty six years!) came on the spur of the moment to see us, too. She's in Wisconsin from Georgia to see her mom. Once she knew we were here and we caught up about our new home purchase, she dropped everything and came to see me. (I'm so blessed by her friendship all these years.) I sent her home with a handful of fruit, and while food provides sustenance for our bodies, seeing her always fills my soul.

I'm sure you're not surprised that I haven't been sewing, stitching, or knitting these days. Maybe  I can get back to some of that soon. For now, I'm savoring every second of the beginning of our new life on the farm. I know you understand.
Tag and Bella can't wait to catch up with you tomorrow. Boy, have they had an interesting weekend!


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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great name for the farm. All those nuts and pears too!! We have Hickory trees in the lot next door. I have baked with them for 40 years. No one ever complains!! You are sure to have a lot of squirrels too!! So cool that you got a chance to see your friend. I'm looking forward to the pics of the inside of your new home.
xx, Carol

Sewing In CT said...

No apologies necessary! This is fun to watch! Enjoy your time with your family and friends and dogs. :)

Createology said...

Life is not just about how perfectly you stitch, knit or is about every aspect of your daily activities and JOY. I am so thrilled to hear of your new adventures and how this chapter in your journey is progressing. To have the greatest positive attitude for your new/old Hickory Hill Farm is truly heartwarming. Family and friends and sharing the JOY is exactly perfect.

Summer said...

It is a cute name for a farm ♥


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