July 3, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - Sunday Surprises...

Seriously, Mom? Flowers?

 Hi, Everybody!

I love surprises. Don't you love surprises? I really think everyone does. Well, Sunday was just full of 'em. I mean, Mom and Dad knew, but they kept Bella and me in the dark. We had company!! Some of my favorite people, too! 

Aunt Marion and Uncle Doug came to visit!!! and they brought little people with them!!!

Miss Marion's Family: l-r Molly, Isaac, Marion, Doug and Jonah

They got to the farm mid-afternoon on their way from Michigan to Wisconsin Dells. They were surprisin' three of their five grandchildren with a trip to a waterpark. (They had no idea.) I was so happy to see them that it was hard to behave. (Notice my ninja, wet-Willy skillz.)

I'm sorry they couldn't bring my brother, Trip, with them, but they just couldn't this time. He was stayin' at a doggie spa back in Michigan, so I'm sure he had his own brand of fun without us. (He doesn't know what he was missin', though!)

The three grandchildren who came with them (oldest to youngest) were, Jonah, Molly and curly-haired Isaac. Boo tried to play with Isaac, but she doesn't spend much time with real little kids, so she was a bit too rambunctious. She did spend time with the kiddos, but we thought she should stay near Dad when these pictures were taken.

Marion's Family, plus Mom and me!

Of course, Mom had to pop into a picture, but Aunt Marion just cuddled me a little closer, and you can tell from my expression I didn't mind one, little bit! Don't you love the killer scowl on Isaac's face? The kid's a hoot, I tell ya.

Dog's Glass Reliquary Beads (l-r: Blue-Fezzik, Green-Bannor, and Pink & White-Kes)

Aunt Marion brought gifts for us, too. She made new food dishes for Bella and me, and they're really beautiful. Mom thought we should share those next week. She'll take our pictures with 'em.

She also brought precious cargo with her (besides her grandchildren). She works with glass and made most of the beads Mom wears on her Pandora bracelet. She made "reliquary" beads at Mom's request, and they contain the remains of three of Mom's previous dogs. She only had their ashes, otherwise she might have asked for more than just these three.

There are two beads for each dog (they're photographed in front of a mirror so you can see the backs of the beads, too)...blue for Fezzik (her first Corgi); green for Bannor (her male Labrador retriever); and the pink and white ones for Kes (her last female yellow Lab). A small amount of their ashes are in each bead. Mom said she wishes that you could see these in person, because the colors and sparkle are really wonderful.

Fezzik's dark blue bead reminds Mom of our Milky Way Galaxy. She said the green in Bannor's beads remind her of all the time they spent in the fields of Wisconsin, and there are also mica flakes in his beads, remindin' her of the stars. Kessie's beads are girly like she was. Her beads are the pink and white ones. Aren't they pretty?
When Aunt Marion gave them to her, Mom held each bead in her hand, thinkin' about the dogs whose remains they held. I noticed that her eyes were wet as she thanked Aunt Marion for her beautiful gifts. We could tell she was really grateful, and she can't wait to put them on her bracelet. 
Of course, Mom sent home some farmhouse goodies with them. They took jars of jams and jellies, hickory syrup, and homemade dill pickles! 

As usual, our time with our guests (who are really family) was too short. I mean, I hardly got a chance to shed on them before they had to get goin'. Next time, we're gonna go back to visit them in Michigan, so we can see Trip, too. I miss the ol' boy! Of course, we're missin' them, too, and will be glad to see them again soon.

If you're celebratin' the 4th with fireworks, please remember your animal friends. Keep 'em safe and away from all the noise. Remember wildlife, too. I'm pretty sure the fireworks scare the beejeebers out of 'em. Me? I don't care much, one way or the other, but I'm an exceptional Corgi. (You already knew that, though, didn't you?) Gotta run. I think there's popcorn bein' offered!
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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suz said...

love the idea of the beads!

Createology said...

Lovely way to spend a Sunday with Famiy/Friends. Those glass beads are extra special and what a wonderful way to honor our beloved fur-children. Safe and Sane Fourth with Fireworks. I am not a fan of personal firewalls due to the many dangers they pose. I lived very close to Disneyland for 2 decades and their nightly fireworks were phenomenal. JOYful July Tag and family...<3

Kris said...

Tag, you are as cute as ever and Donna, those beads are beyond special!!

Marion Walter said...

Donna, We had such a nice visit with you, Steve , and of course, the "pups". Everyone is enjoying that special Hickory Syrup this morning on pancakes. Thank you so much for all the yummy treats.


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