July 7, 2018

How Does My Garden Grow?...

Hickory Hill Farm Hollyhocks

The grass is getting "crunchy" here at the farm, because we really need rain. I've be watering the gardens so the tomatoes can mature, and the heat doesn't kill the herbs and flowers that are growing near the house. 

I love the color of the hollyhocks! Any shade of pink is perfect in my estimation. This is the color I always looked for and wanted for my gardens. Aren't they pretty? I'll harvest seeds once they set, so I can start more plants for next summer.

Hickory Hill Farm Lavender
My lavender is doing well, too. I'll preserve my first batch of jelly next week. Until then, I'll enjoy their color and fragrance where they grow.  
I've added more mulch to the garden to help retain moisture, and I'll continue to watch all my plants so they don't get heat stressed. The tomatoes and peppers like the hot weather, and their fruit hangs heavily on the plants. I just have to make sure they get enough water so they don't drop without ripening. I should be able to start making salsa very soon! I can "taste summer" already!

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Createology said...

Your garden grows very well with your tender loving care. Lovely! <3


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